Low Back Pain

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  1. DocMikeEvans

    Our brand new whiteboard is about a health problem that affects 90% of G+
    users #lowbackpain 

  2. Elis Diaz

    Low Back Pain

  3. Fergus Tilt

    Great video on Back Pain…

  4. Institute for Chronic Pain

    From the Evans’ Health Lab comes a helpful primer on low back pain, though
    it would be more helpful (and more accurate) if he discussed in more detail
    the role of the nervous system in the development of low back pain.

  5. sparkss4

    I’ve watched dozens of videos on lower back pain this past year, and none
    has explained my condition so precisely and so clearly. I have a very
    obvious back dominant pain (EXACTLY the symptoms you described!), so I’m
    relieved to learn no serious damage is present, and also I’m encouraged to
    resume my physical activity rather than limit it. Also, the illustrations
    are great! Thanks a lot Doc!

  6. Mishin ino
  7. Vitality Chiropractic Care - Dr. Steven St. Clair

    Great video by Dr. Mike Evans

  8. Tuusulan Osteopatia

    Alaselkäkivun kanssa kamppaileville tässä “opetusvideo” mistä siinä oikein
    on kyse!

  9. Prick Mers

    Good stuff! Working on a plan right now. Stretching, ibuprofen, core
    strengthening and weight loss. 

  10. TheEsoterist

    I injured my lower back doing a dead-lift months ago.
    No red flags, but the pain is still present whenever I bend over.
    I’ve seen both a physiotherapist and myotherapist, who have both helped
    slightly, but still the problem persists.
    Running out of options so I am thinking of doing foam-rolling and yoga.

  11. Ramin Safakish
  12. Gilbert Martin

    I am now 50 and have had lower and some upper back pain since I was in my
    late 20’s. Yes movement is normally best as it loosens up everything.
    Sometimes it can just make me so depressed. There are times when it is just
    so debilitating. I feel sometime if I could just have a surgeon cut me open
    and grind out some of the joints to free up some of the nerves. I also
    thing one of the discs is/has been slowly sliding forwards. If some how I
    went to the future I’m sure the first thing I would as would be can you fix
    my back? 

  13. South Mountain Physical Therapy

    What does our support system play into back pain? @AbrazoHealth #back #pain
    #physicaltherapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOjTegn9RuY

  14. Tigre101

    Just smoke cannabis & you’ll feel better.

  15. Graham Ridley

    I absolutely LOVE your video’s! They are a huge resource in regards to my
    nursing studies but most importantly, personal resource for my LBP. I have
    had a microdiscectomy with much relief and now trying to increase core
    strength as my left SI joint is really involved ( constant lower leg muscle
    fisiculations and pinpoint pain in the distal portion of my SI joint) I
    have had a recent SI joint injection ( 8 days ago) and find a mild decrease
    in pain. Walking, swimming and decreasing sitting have been my best friend!
    I use to be so scared of re-injury and going back to that intense pain and
    immobility, that it almost blocked my attempts to get better. I know take
    it day by day and have been able to be OK with living with 3/10 pain. Funny
    thing with back injury is how well you learn to take care of your back and
    for my profession, how to be able to guide those in having quality of life
    and proactive health involvement. I am 32 y/o and plan on continuing to
    nurture myself and learn to train my brain to be ok with mild pain. I only
    take naproxen now and due to physical exercise, weight loss, clean eating
    and mindful awareness…i have not taken any narcotics/anticonvulsants (
    gabapentin) or muscle relaxers ( flexeril). I would love to know some
    exercises that could reduce the ( snap or pop sound) that comes from my SI
    joint, can ligaments ever regain stabilization again? Thank you for your
    incredible insight and devotion to humanity! 

  16. Majin Vegeta

    really! appreciate your work

  17. jimmy dean

    I must have heard you say pain over a 100 times in this video. What about
    other stuff going on with your back like a muscle seizing up? Some people
    can deal with pain, but what happens when your body starts impairing you? I
    never had problems with my back until I went to the medical industry for
    something going on with my skin. Doctor loaded me up with a steroid and
    antibiotic and all of a sudden I blow out my calf and my back and now I
    have to deal with this crap for the rest of my life. Plus, the idiot
    misdiagnosed the original condition. Anyways, I just wanted to chime in
    about the pain topic. I’ve heard so many doctors talk about pain, like
    that’s the only thing they know how to treat, and they usually only treat
    it with medication that’s brought to you by the stock market and the FDA
    (federal death administration’s) approval.

  18. Backs Etc. Osteopathy

    This video has some useful information about your low back pain and what is
    the best course of action for different types of pain. If you’re not sure,
    come in and get assessed.

  19. Blue Tires

    Hi,I’ve got back pain at the lower right hand corner and my hips lock up
    and it really hurts!I exercise a lot and my diet is great!I just don’t know
    what it is!It goes to my spine and makes my spine feel like it’s bruised
    and then spreads through out my back.I carry 7-10kg each day(my school bag)
    I think that’s got a factor aswell.Would you please help me figure out what
    it may be!Great drawings and thanks for the detailed video.This is the
    video that’s helped the most.

  20. Sadie Puddister

    Hey Dr. Mike and team! I am in love with how you are sharing information
    with the public in an interesting way. I am currently a masters student in
    exercise psychology and I have a huge personal interest in promoting health
    and exercise. This video contains a tonne of information that I think a lot
    of people will benefit from! Although I have a Kinesiology background and
    am familiar with most (but not all) of the content I had a bit of trouble
    staying completely engaged and following the details. I was thinking that
    if the video was perhaps divided into sections: What is back pain?; How you
    might be making it last/worse; and How to deal with back pain, then maybe a
    viewer could watch the section that interests them most and then choose
    links to the others if they want to learn more.

    Thank you for what you do! 🙂


  21. 09mjeternity

    Did you really draw all that ish?

  22. kcuf foo

    Wow this guy took back pain to next lvl

  23. Witch Broom

    Why do I have this im only 17 and ive had this almost all my life that I
    can remember. I did slouch a lot when I sat down like so much but I stopped
    last year for the most part and I stretch now. I lie down a lot too but I
    also run while playing handball (and no not elementary handball prison
    handball). I do pull ups too and sometimes It can relieve stress on my back
    but sometimes it makes it worse. I also get tired asf from my knees and
    legs I guess even when walking for a while.

  24. Gaming 1ist

    Do u have KIK ?? I need to ask you some questions. plz answer

  25. Pohjoinen Terveys - osteopaatti Aija Kenttämaa

    Onko selkäkipu mietityttänyt? Tässä havainnollistava video aiheesta ja
    mukana tekstitys suomeksi! Läheisempää puhetta aiheesta ja apua oireisiin
    saa soittamalla ja varaamalla ajan. :)


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