Physical Therapy

Hoboken Physical Therapy for Increased Movement and Fitness

hoboken PTIf you live in  What does that mean exactly? Well, living right across the river from NYC and in a busy town yourself, you likely spend a lot of time sitting and standing but likely not too much time moving. Yes, there are the evening runs along the river. But, you’d like to have more movement in your life.

But now you have a problem. Many of your joints and muscles – especially small ones you don’t even know are there – haven’t been used in so long that they don’t naturally activate anymore. So, when you try to do an activity you haven’t done in years, you end up getting hurt or having to stop because you feel soreness or tightness. This is commonly attributed to other muscles “picking up the slack” of muscles that haven’t activated because of their lack of use. Now, you have other muscles doing work they don’t know how to do.

clifton office 2_fullThis is where a Hoboken physical therapist can come in and really help you. They’re muscle and joint experts. They’ll know how to activate and mobilize muscles you haven’t used in years. They’ll give you exercises to strengthen them at home as well, when you’re not in a therapy session. They can also help you recover from injury and help with specific joint issues like arthritis.

When you’re able to move more freely, you’re able to be more active and become more fit. That’s how Hoboken physical therapy can help increase both your movement and your fitness. So, if you do find yourself having to stop activities before you’re ready, don’t blame it on your age or shape and give up – do something about it.