Back Pain NJ

Preparing to Meet Your Bergen County, NJ Back Pain Doctor

back pain new jerseyIf you’ve made the decision to pay a visit to a Bergen County, NJ back pain doctor, you likely didn’t make the decision lightly. It’s a scary thing to take that step – to see a specialist in person about the back pain you’d hoped would eventually go away, but has only gotten worse. It, in a way, makes your situation true – more real. You need treatment for your back, hopefully non-surgical. Now that you have the appointment date set, you should make the most of it.

Depending on your doctor, he may or may not be very thorough. If you haven’t made your appointment just yet, do your best to find a doctor that prides himself on his, and his team’s, ability to work with patients – and to work with patience. It’s important that you understand all of your options and are comfortable with the choices you’re making – and he should answer all of your questions without using 17-syllable words. That’s why it’s important you prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor when you have him in front of you.


But it’s also important to get ready for the questions he’ll have for you. He’ll only be able to help you if you give him all the information about the pain you’re feeling. And so you don’t forget anything while you’re with him, it’s better to prepare some of that information beforehand. You might want to locate a NJ Laser Spine Surgeon to look at your back pain issues.

You’ll need to tell him approximately when the pain started, what type of pain it is, and if it’s similar to any back pain you’ve had in the past. You’ll need to think about any activities that make the pain worse. Also, note if you feel any pain anywhere else in your body – it may be connected.

Make sure you have this information organized and ready. There’s nothing worse than leaving a doctor’s office after he diagnoses you and realizing you forgot to tell him one of your symptoms or a crucial detail.